Adventure is a branch of outdoor education that focuses on intra and interpersonal relationships. Trained facilitators utilize a process that includes the presentation of a series of increasingly difficult kinesthetic and cognitive activities that challenge personal and group limits within a supportive environment. Activities are structured in a such a way that participants perceive the risks to be high, while in fact they are much lower and more acceptable as a medium for encouraging functional change and growth.

And then what?
Self imposed limitations are overcome and turned into abilities, providing tremendous learning opportunities. The facilitators help participants to reflect on the experience and make applications to real life situations.

What are the long term benefits?
Our programs offer unique opportunities for both groups and individuals to learn about themselves and others.

  • Carefully sequenced activities assist in refining a focus on how the group is working together.
  • Challenging moments debriefed with positive transference to real life situations provide opportunities to develop and practice ways of working together. By challenging the group to try things they may never have thought possible, long lasting growth occurs.
  • After the experience many participants indicate an increased sense of trust both for themselves and for their group members.
  • Having FUN can provide untold benefits!